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Clash Detection & Coordination

BIM requires collaboration between designers. The coordination of the single models into the federated (combined) model requires close collaboration.

Clash detection and the subsequent clash resolution is a key component in producing a buildable design.


Each clash that is resolved during the design process eliminates the possibility of a clash staying undetected until it becomes an on-site re-work event that will have cost and potentially time implications. Undetected clashes resolved on-site may also result in unsatisfactory and uncoordinated solutions.


A clash within a model occurs when a modelled geometric element or component occupies the same space as another element or component. For example a steel through the location of an internal door.
Each individual design organisation will be responsible for ensuring that their model is free of clashes. For example components of the architectural model should not clash with any other architectural components. A WIP model should not be issued as a shared model until such clashes have been resolved (refer to the requirements of the Common Data Environment for more detail).

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